Innovation Lab

The Innovation Laboratory is the resource center of the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Education, established in the frame of the Erasmus + program "Boosting the role of HEIs in the Industrial Transformation Towards the Industry 4.0 Paradigm in Georgia and Ukraine - Hein4"

Boosting the role of HEls in the industrial transformation towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm in Georgia and Ukraine

Training for students in the innovation laboratory

On April 13 of this year, the innovation laboratory at the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Education hosted the students and mathematics teachers of Khelvachauri #1 Public School, Batumi #13 and #22 Public Schools. In the innovation laboratory of BSU, young students got acquainted with the possibilities of using the international educational resource CK 12. Within the framework of the 3-hour training, the students studied the possibilities of planning innovative projects in the STEM direction, using simulations in the educational process.

The Mission of the Innovation Laboratory

To strengthen the cooperation between the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Education and the Industry Sector

Functions of the Innovation Lab

To promote the dissemination of the knowledge on the Industry 4.0 Concept

To implement study and research projects, elaborate teaching/learning materials, methodological course books, guidebooks with the purpose to establish industry 4.0 concept

To prepare training programmes for various target groups, implement them and issue relevant certificates with the purpose to establish innovative approaches in business and economic sector as well as employment and increase of competitiveness of graduates

To establish mutually beneficial relationships with local and international companies, explore their interests, develop relevant innovative projects, and involve students in project implementation

Perform other functions for laboratory purposes

Goals of the Innovation Laboratory:

To facilitate digital transformation by offering special courses, training and consulting services tailored to the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Small and Medium Business

To create and implement innovative learning modules and training courses to support the Industry 4.0 concept in line with local and international market requirements

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Head of the laboratory manages the activities of the laboratory in accordance with its goals and functions

Head of the Laboratory submits a reasoned proposal to the faculty and university administration for inviting staff / experts by contract

Head of the Laboratory is accountable to the governing bodies of the university and the faculty, submits an annual report on the work done to the Faculty Council

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