Training Courses

3D modelling and animation

The aim of the course "3D modelling and animation" is to study the main topics related to processing of graphic data and visual effects for those interested. It will introduce students to the principles of 3D modelling, technologies for processing and creating various types of graphic information, the possibilities of their use in video and animation graphics. It will develop skills to work with relevant software tools. The beneficiaries will be introduced to the theory of 3D modelling and such popular software tools for working with graphic objects as: Universal 3D MAX Studio, Zbrush, Blender, SketchUP, Lumion and Twinmotion.

Graphic Design and Visualization

Take the basic course of Graphic Design and Visualization in the digital industry laboratory and learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator at professional level. The aim of the course is to teach the basic concepts of graphic design for those interested and to master the skills of using software packages at a professional level. Graphic design is called "visual communication". This term refers to the power of design, which can transform information into an appropriate form: complex ideas can be expressed in a single image, which directly responds to the purpose of graphic design. Designers create many works in different parts of the world, the meaning of which is easy for all people to understand even without words and text.

Video Editing Instalation - Adobe Premier Pro

Take a basic video editing course in the digital industry lab. In the frame of the course, students will acquire directory of editing and work with Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the world's leading installation programs. The aim of the course is to teach the students the rules to be followed during video editing, to fully master the technical side of the editing program, based on practice-based teaching methodology. Moreover, gain the theoretical and technical knowledge and experience required for the installation of video files.

UI & UX Design Course

Take the UI & UX Course in the Digital Industry Laboratory. The course comprises the main topics the knowledge of which is necessary for performance as a designer. In the frame of the course the students will acquire Adobe Experience Design and SketchApp as a result of what they will be able to create the digital products’ independently. Moreover, they will be given the opportunity to learn about what is needed to start a career as a freelancer on the Georgian as well as the various platforms existed in the world. The training course is created for novice UX designers and all those directly involved in creation of digital products (product owners, project managers, etc).